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Enjoy high quality Bitcoin

casino experience at Gamdom!

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Gamdom’s exciting Bitcoin casino slots and table games

Gamdom casino comes with a slew of titles with a wide range of themes, gameplay, and payout size. Some are skill-dependent while others are entirely determined by luck. Gamdom is proud to say that its Bitcoin casino platform is competitive in the industry. 

Gamdom has amazing slots, table games, and live dealers from all of the best game providers. Each of these is sure to appeal to all Canadian gambling fans. If you are looking for a specific game then just browse through the catalogue or use the webpage’s search engine.

Slot games
Slot games are the most luck-based games in Gamdom. The page is sorted by four thumbnails per row. The default setup has the games arranged in order by the number of likes from users. It reflects the game’s popularity among Gamdom users so you can guarantee the quality of the selection.

You can sort it by popularity (number of likes) and latest (time of release from latest to oldest). The third option is ‘Your Favourites’ which narrows the options down to the titles you’ve marked as your favourite. The other drop-down menu allows you to narrow your search down to specific game providers. This is a toggle list so you can activate multiple providers at once.

We have over a thousand games on the slot game tab alone. To keep the interface clean, Gamdom only loads 16 at a time. You can press load more to see the others. All of them give you the opportunity to win the jackpot that multiplies your Bitcoin bets by hundreds or thousands.

Gamdom Strike: Our exclusive slot game

Many titles in Gamdom casino are familiar to avid online gamblers but there is one title that you can only find right here, Gamdom Strike from Caleta. It’s a megaway slot game with five reels and three rows. There is no need for a payline. All winning symbols just need to appear on three or more consecutive reels starting from the first.

Gamdom Strike’s most exciting sequence is the scatter symbol. It’s an image of a yellow crate with the word ‘bonus’ written in front of it. All that the player needs is to have them appear on three separate reels to go to the bonus round.

In the bonus round, players can unlock five out of nine crates. Each one pays a minimum of 1:1 to a maximum of 400:1. The prizes hidden in every crate are already determined when the game begins so all the player has to do is find the one that pays the highest. Afterwards, the game will show the contents of the unopened crates.

The prizes from the crates are visualized in the form of CS:GO skins such as the karambit and submachine guns. Star-shaped medals decorated in bronze, silver, and gold are the high-paying symbols in the bonus round.

The silver star pays x400, making it the highest-paying bonus prize. There is a gold medal that pays higher but it is not always available on every bonus round unlike silver and bronze that are always hidden with the skins. The payout from the gold star varies between instances but it is always significantly larger than the silver medal.

A wide range of live Bitcoin casino games for you
Table games are an assortment of Bitcoin casino titles inspired by table dealers at land casinos. It includes popular variants such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker. All titles under this category involve player input which challenges your knowledge, wisdom, and intuition.

Titles under the ‘table games’ category are all electronic. They use random number generators (RNG) to determine the outcome just like slots whether it is for drawing cards, spinning wheels, or rolling dice.

On the other hand, live games feature the same games but there’s a dealer to host for the players. All games also use practical game equipment. Thus, the players can see the cards being shuffled, roulette wheels slowly stopping, and dice dropping.

The difference between the two categories is only a matter of preference in Bitcoin casino experience. Live games are generally fast-paced while table games can be played at your pace. You can play at peace without getting distracted by people on the chat or the dealer’s gestures. With live games, multiple players play on the same table and interact on the chat.

In live games, players have to plot their bets during a small window timer. If they don’t want to wager, then they may skip turns until they are ready. However, live games usually have limited seats so the game providers are often inclined to make an inactive account leave the room. Games are more lively as players can share the hype with the other gamblers.

Bitcoin casino table games are usually quiet aside from the game’s music and the sound effects. Most of them have suspenseful animations to make games exciting but they also have turbo options or ways to skip if you prefer to play fast. Most animations are skippable with a click or an in-game option such as the ‘turbo mode’.

Esports Betting Games

Bet on your favourite league matches here at Gamdom!

Gamdom has a sportsbook for major league events. Esports and sports fans can come to the site’s bookmaker page to place wagers on ongoing games of their favourite league. Our coverage is wide from the most lucrative sporting events to lesser-known sports’ international series. 

Esports and sports games are separated into two different pages. Both have the same layout so you can jump pages to seamlessly transition between esports and sports. We have different bonuses for each of them but they can be used on both types of bet. Feel free to explore your options.

Top-tier esports betting scene at Gamdom

Gamdom only focuses on the best titles in esports gaming. It also features several leagues per game like CS:GO’s ESL Pro League, the Pinnacle Fall series, and more. We cover the events as long as there is a sufficient number of fans playing the spectator sports. Here are the top five esports markets to look forward to:

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
CS:GO has one of the biggest esports scenes in the gaming industry with independent esports scenes operating in different countries. Gamdom features markets from tournaments around the world. Most of them are hosted by the Electronic Sports League (ESL) in partnership with Valve, the developer and publisher of CS:GO.

The E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA) is partnered with Valve to provide the game’s anti-cheat software. They also handle their own major CS:GO leagues with teams all over the world including the Middle East. Their league includes all skill levels but separates them into regional and ranked divisions.

Dota 2
Dota 2 is also a game from Valve and it’s a contender for being the biggest esport in the world. Major tournaments include Beyond the Summit (BTS) Pro Series from N1 bet in Southeast Asia and ESL Meisterschaft in Germany. The International Esports Federation (IeSF) in partnership with Eilat hosts a World Championship that is independent of Valve’s management.

Valve, as the developer and publisher, hosts an annual major event called ‘The International’. Teams have to qualify in an annual circuit of earning points through participation in recognized series. Participants include teams who reach the leaderboard cutoff and two to three invited groups. The International has the highest prize pool in the esports industry as it always reaches beyond millions every season.

League of Legends
League of Legends from Riot Games is the rival to Valve’s Dota 2 in terms of gameplay and community. Its biggest event is the League of Legends World Championship or ‘Worlds’ where representatives of every regional server compete to be the season’s best team in the game.

Every regional server hosts its own series of tournaments at the beginning of the season’s second quarter until they find their representatives. Every regional event is hosted by the biggest esport organizers in their respective regions but they are all partnered with the League of Legends Pro League (LPL).

Valorant is one of the newest esports from Riot Games but it already has plenty of tournaments across 11 regions. The biggest series is currently hosted by Let’s Play Live (LPL) which hosts the LPL Seasonal Cup. Riot Games’ tournaments debuted in 2021 with three divisions, Challengers, Masters, and Champions.

Valorant Challengers are the qualifiers where stars debut in every region. Valorant Masters is the elimination stage where regions decide on a representative to compete against other nations. All events culminate in the Valorant Champions, an elimination tournament of representatives from different regions.

Cyberbasketball (eBasketball)
The National Basketball Association (NBA) partnered with Take-Two Interactive to make the NBA 2K League, an esports tournament for the NBA 2K series from 2K Games. Structure of the tournament has to change every season to accommodate the increasing number of teams. As of 2021, there are only 23 Cyberbasketball teams around the world. It includes team-oriented events as well as 1v1 matches.

Markets for all-star games on popular sports

Sports betting has a lot more options than esports at the moment. It features all of the major leagues in the world including region-exclusive to international series. You’re sure to find amazing odds for the following sports:

Football (Soccer)
Football is currently one of the most popular sports in the world, especially the international and premier leagues. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest international football tournament as 210 nations are part of the association and all of them compete to qualify until 32 remain. It only happens every four years so most staking and streaming platforms are keener on ongoing major leagues.

Only several countries have successful premier leagues with the best being the English Premier League. The UEFA Europa League is another big event that only happens every 4 years. Its participants include all members of the Union of European Football Associations.

Gamdom covers many tennis tournaments from different series. All of them are international series with the best representative of every nation. The highest-tier tournaments are ATP World Tour for men and WTA Tour for women. Each event is preceded by a Challenger Tour as the second-highest level of tournament in tennis. The third-highest is the ITF World Tour which is further divided into men, women, and junior divisions.
Gamdom features markets from major leagues for men and women in major countries in the world such as China, Germany, and Russia. The biggest regional league is the NBA in the United States. The FIBA World Cup is the biggest international basketball tournament and it happens only every four years. There are 213 nations that belong in this association and only 32 have the opportunity to compete for the championship.
Ice Hockey
Gamdom has markets for all regional major ice hockey leagues around the world including the best such as Canada, North America, and Sweden. We are offering events ranging from playoffs to championships from every country. The IIHF World Championship is the biggest annual international event for ice hockey with 81 members in total. However, only 16 teams can qualify for seeding.
Mixed Martial Arts
Gamdom features the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) primarily as the most prominent mixed martial arts league in the world. It is based in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States with contenders coming from different nations. The championship is separated into men and women’s divisions as well as weight classes.

We also cover markets for the Dana White Contender Series, a special series where UFC President, Dana White, scouts for potential contenders. Events are held every Tuesday and markets are available in-play for every match.

Gamdom also covers less popular sports such as futsal and snooker. Gamdom also covers occasional major events like the UEFA European Football Championship and the Olympics.

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Gladiator Legends
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25000 Talons
Alchemy Gaming
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Snake Arena
Snake Arena
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Book of Shadows
Nolimit City
Danger High Voltage
Big Time Gaming
Buffalo Rising Megaways
Blueprint Gaming
Dragon Fall
Blueprint Gaming

How the Gamdom bookmaker works

With Gamdom sports betting, both veteran and newbie bettors can feel at home here. If you are new to sports betting, all you have to do is browse the markets from the game you are following and choose one of the possibilities. Click on your bet then a menu will appear on the right under the ‘Bet Slip’ tab. 

This new menu will ask how much you are staking and Gamdom will tell you how much you gain if it wins. There is a toggle switch right below the input box that asks if you want to accept all odds changes. If it’s on, then the amount you can win varies since the odds change as the game goes on. 

Turn the toggle off if you are confident that the current odds by the time you place your bets are the highest-possible predictions. Press ‘place bet’ once you are sure of your decision. This bet will go to the ‘my bet’ tab so you can keep track of your wagers.

The bet slip can support both single-bet and combo bets. A single bet is a straightforward wager where you place your ante on a single market. Combo bets are for markets with multiple possible combinations of outcomes. The latter has the potential for a more fun staking experience where you can strategize.

Bookmaker settings
The settings for Gamdom sports and esports staking page is found under the bet slip menu. It’s dropped down by default but you can press the toggle button to hide it for a clean interface while you play.

This menu includes options to change the page’s language or the market’s odds display. Gamdom automatically sets the site’s language and odds depending on your location but you may tweak it to your personal preference.

Under those two options include the hyperlink to the page’s terms and conditions. It contains the details for bookie jargon and rules. You can browse through it whenever you need a reference.

Check out our unique games here at Gamdom Originals!

Here are a few more Bitcoin casino games you can play at Gamdom outside of the slots and table games platform. They’re not exactly new concepts as they are existing ideas that are changed to fully integrate with the website’s features instantly. These games are Gamdom’s pride and joy.

Gamdom’s original roulette has 15 pockets from numbers 0 to 14. Numbers 1 to 14 are all coloured black and red while the number 0 is coloured green. It follows the same principles as European roulette but players who are familiar with that game will find that the options here are fewer. Gamdom roulette only has three options:
  • 1 to 7 (red)
  • 0 (green)
  • 8 to 14 (black)

Both red and black bets pay 1:1 while the green bet pays 13:1. The payout for every option reflects the odds of winning. If you wish to consider the outcome history as a pattern for your strategy, you may look at the upper right-hand corner to see the last five results. Click on the history symbol at the far right of it to open the full roulette history in the last 24 hours.

Crash is a minigame inspired by the price market for cryptocurrencies and stocks. You place your bet before the chart starts rising. Once it starts, you will have to wait until the game resets. The game is simple: watch the chart increase the multiplier and cash out at any moment. Your prize is your ante multiplied by the current state of the chart.

The catch is that you have to cash out before the chart crashes. Once it crashes, your bets are gone then you try again. The game’s payout limit is 80 CAD so your bets are automatically paid once your potential reward reaches that limit. Otherwise, there is no limit for the multiplier. It’s possible to watch the chart rise indefinitely but the ultimate limit is x80 because the minimum bet is $1.

HiLo is short for high and low which explains the rules of the game. There’s a deck of cards that continuously flips the top every round. You have to guess if the next draw is going to be either a high or low. Not to be confused with regular hi-lo bets, either high or low have randomized ranges. Instead of dividing the deck between halves, both options get different ranges every round. The payout depends on the range displayed.

HiLo has fixed options, too. You can wager whether the next card is either a red or black card. There’s a green option which is the joker. Red and black both pay 2x while the joker pays 24x. Players could also wager on the ranks of the cards which have the following payout:

  • Ranks 2-9 pay 1.5x
  • Royal cards with Ace pay 3x
  • King/Ace bets pay 6x
  • Ace bets pay 12x
Tradeup is a game that is exclusive to players who have linked their Gamdom account with their Steam Trade and Steam API. This is where you can wager your skins for another skin or cash. There aren’t many skin gambling sites out there that can compete with Gamdom’s platform for CS:GO players so you can rest assured that we have the best rates for you.

The interface has two slots side-by-side in the centre of the screen. Cryptocurrencies you gamble are placed on the right while your target skin is on the left. Below those slots are the settings for autoplay. On the right is the full menu for skins up for trading in Gamdom. Skins are separated by games which are tabs on the upper portion of the menu.

Tradeup can be mistaken for a marketplace if you play safely but it’s a game where you can increase your risk to gain better prizes. First, pick a target skin then Gamdom will dictate how much you have to bet in CAD to play the game. You win if there is a seller offering the skin you want on the marketplace for the price that you are offering in real money.

You are prompted with three options after winning the target skin:

  • Continue upgrading the skin for a more valuable one but with a +5% chance
  • Resell the skin you won but with +5% profit
  • Withdraw the skin and place it in your Gamdom inventory

The skins you win from Tradeup can be transferred to your Steam inventory. If it’s a VGO skin, then it goes to your e-wallet.

Gamdom Original’s multi-tasker feature

What’s unique about Gamdom originals? The answer is the multitasker. This is a toggle option found at the upper right corner of the game, next to the accumulating jackpot. Click it while playing any of the three originals (roulette, crash, or HiLo) then it will give you the other two Gamdom Originals as options. Choose one and Gamdom will have a split-screen that lets you play two games simultaneously.


Gamdom: Claim your exciting Bitcoin casino rewards 

Gamdom has several promotions that you can enjoy with fun games. The website is designed to cater to your entertainment needs, including personalized rewards, rakebacks, cashbacks, and a VIP status. Wager requirements are easy so you are free to play however you please and still get the full benefits of a player at Gamdom.

The most basic forms of reward in Gamdom are the rakebacks. It accumulates the size of the commission that the player paid on bets in all Bitcoin casino games. You can go to your account’s rewards page to see how much rakeback you are getting. This includes both fiat and crypto bets.

Rakebacks are typically only 5% to 10% but Gamdom can give you as high as 13% of your total commissions. All you have to do is climb in cashback tiers starting at level 1. Reach at least level 120 to get 13% rakeback. Playing any game at Gamdom increases your cashback tier so go crazy on any games.

More promotions appear as you play at Gamdom. You get special offers based on your preferred games and performance. That way, you can get the best rewards fitting your preferences. If you decide to change the way you play then don’t worry. All of these offers will stay with you when you need them.

Read interesting Gamdom blogs 

You can visit the Gamdom blogs page and read content related to esports, cryptocurrencies, or online gambling. There are also news reports for sports and esports events so sports bettors can get updated with the current state of tournaments. Blogs about bitcoin casino trends and how-to-play will also be available so stay tuned if you are looking for more up-to-date content. 

Set up your reliable Gamdom wallet!

The Gamdom wallet is where you deposit your funds for playing at the website. It is also where your winnings go so you may transfer what you earned back to your bank account. Gamdom supports both fiat and crypto which players may deposit through the following supported payment methods:

Bank deposits
Bank deposits involve direct money transfer between your personal savings bank and Gamdom. Visa, MasterCard, and Ecopayz are the only options available from users in Canada. The same brands also help with withdrawals for convenience and efficiency.
Gift cards
Gift cards are top-up methods with fixed prices for transfer. This is a one-way method most of the time unless the method allows withdrawal. MasterCard and Visa have this feature, too. Other methods include PayPal, Paysafecard, Google Play, and Trustly.
All types of wallets are accepted for transferring cryptocurrencies. It just depends if Gamdom supports said crypto. For now, Gamdom only accepts the following:
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Tether
  • Ethereum

If you don’t have crypto but are interested in this type of asset, then you may be interested in buying. Gamdom has partnered with UTORG so players can convert their fiat to crypto.

How to get started in Gamdom Bitcoin casino

Making an account in Gamdom is easy. All you need to do is decide on a username, make a password that is at least 8 characters long with capital letters, and have a valid email address. You will get a verification prompt on your email address. The account is available to use but the verification prompt is needed for upgrading your account.

Gamdom’s registration follows a know your customer (KYC) transparency protocol as most Bitcoin casinos must comply with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. It will ask important personal questions such as who you are, source of funds, mailing address, and phone number. All data is 100% secure and all is internally verified in the site’s system.

Steam Trade URL
You can find the Steam Trade URL in your Steam account. It can be done on mobile devices but the desktop layout is advised for easy navigation. Just follow the following steps to getting it and how to use it:
  1. Click on your username next to the community tab on the Steam application. It will show a drop-down menu where you can click on the inventory link at the bottom.
  2. On the inventory page, you can see a button at the upper right of the game’s options that reads ‘Trade Offers’. Click on it and it will take you to your inbox where all trade offers for you are compiled.
  3. Direct your attention to the menu on the right-hand side of the page and find the link that reads ‘Who can send me Trade Offers?’. Select it to find your Steam Trade URL.
  4. There are three options including friends, forums, and third-party sites. Gamdom is classified under ‘third-party sites’. Click the ‘Create New URL’ button then copy the result from the text box above it.

You may use this link for your Gamdom account. You only need to do this once per account and this will benefit all games in your library.

Steam API key
Generating a Steam API key is simpler than the URL. All you have to do is go to the site, sign up, and press ‘Register’. You have to come up with a domain name for your account which is the word or phrase that you will be identified as.
The process of getting it may be simple but the API key is one of the most important codes for your account. Only use this when extending your Steam account’s trading options on platforms like Gamdom. Never share it on forums or social media. Please read the Steam Web API Terms of Use before you generate your key.