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There is a lot to love about baccarat which made it so popular among all kinds of casino enthusiasts. It’s a quick game with simple rules and an even minimum payout. You can find a lot of different baccarat games on Gamdom from the best game providers in the industry.

Baccarat is the best option for those who are looking for a fast-paced game with high chances of winning and payouts. Every round can only take a few minutes and it is available on almost every betting site. Its lowest payout is 0.95:1 the highest can be between 9:1 to 11:1 depending on the game version. Here are more details about online baccarat. 

Play live or video baccarat on Gamdom 

Gamdom has both live and video baccarat for all kinds of players. Both follow the same rules but the difference is the pacing, ambience, and presentation. Live baccarat has a steady tempo with every round only lasting a few seconds. The dealer gestures to open the betting window and players only have 3 to 5 seconds before it closes. Once done, the cards are dealt to determine the winner in just a few motions.

If you’re playing video baccarat on a Bitcoin casino, then you control how fast the game proceeds. Many of them come with turbo mode and autospin/autoplay. Alternatively, you may make every round proceed as you click on the screen for every motion. Some games will have you manually flip the cards from the hands with special animations for suspense. This is great for high-rollers who are playing a double or nothing-style of bet.

Either type of baccarat calculates bets and payouts separately per account. That way, you may choose any supported casino cryptocurrency. It’s a lot better than having to convert to a specific currency like in land casinos. 

Live baccarat games on Gamdom

Gamdom’s top three live baccarat games are as follows:

  1. Speed Baccarat Q from Evolution Gaming
  2. Speed Baccarat from Onetouch Live
  3. Live – Baccarat 1 from Play Live

Speed baccarat games cut the standard 48 seconds per round to 27 seconds, allowing you to play more bets in a regular session. They are popular for their side bets regarding the possibility of a pair indicated by the two options on the sides. Place a bet on either player or banker pair gives a payout of 11:1. Placing an ante on both of them makes it an either pair bet that pays 5:1.

Live baccarat uses multiple decks per game so it’s possible to form a perfect pair, a pair with the same value and suit. If that happens, the payout becomes 25:1. The riskiest yet most rewarding bet is the perfect two pairs where the banker and the player get perfect pairs. It pays 200:1, one of the most rewarding side bet awards on any Bitcoin casino.

Video baccarat games on Gamdom

The three best video baccarat games that you can play on Gamdom are as follows:

  1. First Person Baccarat from Evolution Gaming
  2. Baccarat High Roller from OneTouch
  3. Baccarat from NetEnt

Evolution Gaming’s First Person Baccarat follows a more similar set of rules to live baccarat games, including the side bets and potential wins. The only difference is that the cards, table, and studio are computer-generated images. It shows the stack of 8 decks being shuffled in real time so it’s not completely reliant on a random number generator (RNG) like most electronic casino games. 

Neither Baccarat High Roller from OneTouch and Baccarat from NetEnt share Evolution’s perfect pair offer. Instead, they have another set of side bets called big and small. Big bets win if either or both sides get a third card while small bets win neither has to draw. Big bets are paid 0.54:1 while small bets are paid 1.5:1. The payouts are small but the chance of winning is high.

Quick guide on how to play baccarat

Baccarat is a game about placing a bet on one of two sides, the player and the banker. The player pays 1:1 while the banker pays 0.95:1 because it has a slightly higher odds of winning. The winner is the side with the higher-valued hand based on the sum of the cards dealt. 

Cards’ values are equal to their respective numbers while Ace is designated as 1. However, baccarat removes the tenth digit so 10-cards, along with Jack, Queen, and King, are each equal to 0. A hand that reaches beyond 9 such as 12 becomes equal to 2. 

The player is dealt a third card if it only has a sum of 5 or below. The banker is only dealt a third card after the player gets one. Once the player has three cards, the banker needs to follow one of the following conditions that determine whether it draws or not:

  • If the banker’s starting hand is 3, then draw if the player’s third card is anything except 8
  • With a 4 starting hand, draw if the player’s third card is between 2 to 7
  • Draw if the starting hand is 5 and the player’s third card is between 4 to 7
  • If the starting hand is 6, then only draw if the player’s third card is either 6 or 7

The banker can’t get a third card if its starting hand is 7, 8, or 9. These conditions are what gave the banker its advantage over the player. You don’t have to memorize them when you play at a Bitcoin casino. These are for the dealer to know and follow. Casino cryptocurrency payout for player or banker bet is 1:1 except wins from the latter comes with a 5% commission rate for the dealer. Payouts from tie can either be 8:1 or 9:1 depending on the game provider.

All baccarat games at Gamdom are from amazing game providers with hospitable dealers. They don’t have to glance at a list of conditions as they seamlessly proceed to the next stages. 

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