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What should you consider when betting on League of Legends?

When Riot Games released League of Legends, they were prepared to deem it as one of the world’s top games. They also created a structure around their esports scene which made it even more popular in almost every market in the world. 

As you look around the video game industry, you can see that the MOBA genre has left a lasting impression on the rest of the gaming community. League of Legends is the biggest game in the genre with its player base and its esports scene is one of the most well-established competitive circuits that you will see in esports. 

League of Legends has regional leagues which truly legitimise the scene. As of the 2022 season, Riot has 12 Tier 1 professional leagues for their flagship MOBA. Here are some of the top leagues that you should know if you want to win your Gamdom esports bets:

  • League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) – South Korea
  • League Championship Series (LCS) – North America
  • League of Legends European Championship (LEC) – Europe
  • League of Legends Pro League (LPL) – China
  • Pacific Championship Series (PCS) – Taiwan/Hongkong/Macau/Southeast Asia
  • Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLOL) – Brazil

Now, let’s discuss what you should consider when you’re making wagers on the esports betting section of your favourite Bitcoin casino. 

Identify the teams and their players

When you are just entering the League betting world, you should always know the teams and their players. This is the bare minimum for both traditional sports and esports betting. After all, if you are not aware of these teams and players, you will most likely lose because you’re essentially guessing at that point. 

Thankfully, it is pretty easy to get into the top teams and players in League. Riot has solid coverage for their matches which is why you should have the platforms to watch the games from most of the leagues that were mentioned earlier. 

The League of Legends scene is quite diverse because it ranges from South America to the other side of the world in Australia. Thankfully, aside from the streams that you can watch, you can see platforms like Liquipedia where you can see info regarding the teams and players. It is one of the most in-depth databases that you can check out because they have almost every team there. 

You can also use the players’ streams themselves to gauge who are the ones to watch. High-skilled players are typically in the top tier of the esports scene and these streams are just a glimpse into how they can perform in official matches. Thankfully, there are hundreds of these streams and highlight videos that you can watch to have a good idea of how they can thrive in the esports scene as well.

Keep up with the League of Legends news

Just like your traditional sports, League of Legends also has a solid news circuit. Since there are various leagues around the world, there are constant updates for the esports scene. When it comes to this news, you will see the usual results but you should also expect reports about roster moves and analyses about what is going on in the matches. 

As you read on these platforms, you will see that the League of Legends experience can vary from region to region. You should read all of these reports so you won’t have any issues moving forward. 

Remember that these news reports can also serve as the beginning of storylines which is important for these esports games. League of Legends is filled with roster moves that have played a factor in these rivalries. Lukas ‘Perkz’ Perković played a huge role for G2 Esports but his move to Team Vitality has been massive in the LEC. 

As you continue on your esports journey, you should look forward to the news because that will be crucial for your success in betting. Keep up so you can use your information properly to succeed with your casino cryptocurrency wagers properly. 

Use the odds to your advantage

When you go to your favourite betting platform, there are numbers called odds present. These numbers represent the likelihood of a certain team winning the match and/or league. They will also stand for the value that bettors can win by betting on a certain result. These odds have been useful for various bettors over the years but there is a wrong perception that they are the ‘cheat codes’ for betting when they are not. 

These odds will be crucial to your success as you can use them to your advantage. Odds are meant to be the tool that you use to succeed with your bets because they should motivate you to look at the context behind the numbers. You should learn how to look into these teams and find out how their momentum is going or what their head-to-head matchups against certain teams look like. 

You will most likely succeed with your bets if you know what you’re doing. Do not over-complicate the process by looking at numbers alone because you should watch how certain teams play. With that, you will get a good idea of how you can envision a team performing against a certain team because you know their playstyles and how they match up against each other. 

Deeper your knowledge of League of Legends because relying on numbers alone will not solve your problems with your wagers. Hopefully, you won’t have any issues moving forward with this process because it will get easier and quicker as time goes on. 

Don’t forget that the game changes often

In various esports, you will most likely hear about the metagame. In these games, there is always a norm with how teams play and what they like to use during their matches. Like most MOBA games, League has patches where certain champions and items are buffed or nerfed depending on their status in the previous meta. You should be aware of these meta shifts because if you have your finger on the pulse, you will succeed with your wagers.

Do not be afraid to ask questions because that will be the key to learning more about the meta. If you are not aware of what is going on, there will be many pundits in the League scene that will be willing to teach you the ins and outs of the meta. There will be videos and news online that you can check out to help you succeed with your bets. 

League of Legends is a constantly-evolving game and you should learn that in your first few times betting on the game. It will be challenging to make bets early on in your League journey but it will become easier as you progress. You should know how to make the proper bets based on the meta because that will be helpful if you’re betting on teams that you barely know of. 

Don’t get carried away by losses and have fun!

As you bet on League, you should remember that while the esports betting scene is challenging at times, it is also fun. You are making wagers on one of the best games in the world and watching and experiencing Riot’s premium experience is amazing. 

You can go to any platform like Gamdom to bet on these matches and you should enjoy them because top-tier League squads are mostly elite and you can experience the best players in the world playing their game in the regional leagues. You can even bet on huge events like the Mid-Season Invitational or the World Championship itself. Good luck with your bets and don’t forget to have fun.

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