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A beginner’s guide to playing online craps

Craps is known as one of the most popular casino games in the world. This casino game is easy to play especially for experienced players. However, new bettors don’t have to feel overwhelmed. All you need is a pair of dice to test your luck. Also, the main goal of the game is to correctly guess the outcome of the dice rolls.

Craps is one of the most popular games to play in online casinos. For worthwhile gaming, all you need is time and knowledge when playing craps. Although it is not easy to predict how your rolls will turn out, there are several strategies you can do to increase your chances of winning. 

Although craps are mostly found in traditional casinos, players can also access craps on  reputable sites such as Gamdom and other bitcoin casino sites. In this type of casino, you can play various types of online craps and make use of different payment methods such as casino cryptocurrency. 

Looking back to where it started

The renowned European dice game served as inspiration for the American game of craps. The game was first played in a casino more than a century ago. Even so, it wasn’t until 1907 that John H. Winn introduced the formal layout of the game. During World War II, when most American males were forced to join the military, the game became more popular. 

Craps became a popular game at various Las Vegas and Caribbean casinos in the 1960s. Slowly, the European, Australian and Macau versions of the game started to emerge. Since then, craps have become one of the most popular casino games that can be found in various online casinos.

Playing craps

The game begins with a come-out-roll and a betting round. Players who throw the dice into the air or press the roll button when playing online craps are called the ‘shooter.’ Once the dice have been rolled and the numbers are revealed, three possible outcomes can be expected.

A natural is a result of the roll that is either a seven or an 11. This also means players have the chance to roll out again. The losing end is the punters who obtain two, three or 12 (snake eyes). At that point, the round isn’t over and you still get another chance to roll. 

Betting types in online craps

Most new bettors avoid playing online craps for fear that it’s one of the riskiest table games out there. However, the only challenging aspect of the game is the variety of bets that players can place.

Although it is not required to learn all of the possible bets in online craps, it’s still important to know most of them to boost your chances of winning. 

Pass line and don’t pass bets

The most common and easy bets in craps are the pass line and don’t pass bets. Some casinos require players to make one of them before they can place additional bets. Meanwhile, in other casinos, a shooter must bet on one of them before making their first come-out roll and must payout at even money (1:1) when they win.

If the come-out roll has a value of 7, the pass line bet wins. If it has a value of two, three or twelve, the pass line bet loses. For any other value, the pass line bets remain in place until a point or 7 is rolled. Bets gain if the point is rolled, but lose if the number 7 is rolled.

On the other hand, don’t pass bets win when the come-out-roll value is two or three. They lose when the come-out-roll value is seven or 11. There is no winning or losing outcome if the bet is placed on a value of 12. If a point is made, the wager is still on the table, similar to the pass line bet. If the point is rolled again, the bet loses, but if a seven is rolled, it wins.

Come and don’t come bets

These bets are similar to pass line and don’t pass bets. The only difference is that they are placed after the point has been placed rather than prior to it. To avoid any conflicts, it’s crucial to read the instructions carefully before attempting to use them.  

You win your bet if the first two dice you see after placing a come bet are a seven or 11. However, you lose if two, three, or twelve are rolled. This is the stage where you can make your come bet if the dice rolls a different number. A roll of 5, for example, means that you now have five points. If a five is rolled again, you win. If a seven is rolled, you lose.

Odd bets

Odd bets are basically an extension of the bets mentioned above. Odd bets have four types. These are:

  • Come odds
  • Don’t come odds
  • Pass line odds
  • Don’t pass odds

A pass line of bet is placed in addition to your first bet after a point has been set. As long as the point isn’t followed by a seven, it wins. This bet has a huge advantage over other types of bets in that it pays out at the odds it was placed. There are different payouts depending on what the point is.

To ‘take the odds’ means to put a pass line odds bet. Due to the lack of house advantage, the amount of money you can bet is limited. Most online casinos allow you to bet up to three times the amount you bet on the pass line.

To complement a don’t pass bet, you must roll a seven before the point to win. When you roll the point first, you lose. Again, the payouts vary based on the point and are paid out at as true odds with no house edge.

In addition, placing a ‘don’t pass’ bet is referred to as ‘laying the odds’. The maximum stake is the same as for a pass line odds bet. A come odds bet is based on the same idea as a don’t come odds bet. They only utilise the point set after a come or don’t come bet to determine the outcome. If you want to get the most out of your online craps betting experience, it is best to choose a reputable bitcoin casino such as Gamdom for safe and worthwhile online gaming. You can also make use of the casino cryptocurrency for a hassle-free payment method.

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