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Learning how to win in online Sic Bo

Sic bo is one of the most popular online casino games to play. While it is regarded as a difficult game to play, the rewards for this classic game are big enough to get bettors on the prowl. This is why it is a must to learn how you can get the big wins in sic bo at all times.

While it is seen as a nightmare for a lot of new casino players, seasoned bettors know that this is a huge chance that can net them bigger winnings than usual. Sic bo is hard to win for players who come in unprepared and have no strategies at hand, but if you play your cards right, there is a chance that you can finish with a lot of prizes.

Gamdom is home to online sic bo, which means you can make the most of your chances in the game by playing here. The game itself has been there for some time now and is known to be one of the leading titles in the casino. The challenge that it presents made it a top pick among many bettors who want to enjoy a competitive level in their wagers.

Brief history of Sic Bo

In literal translation, sic bo means ‘precious dice’, while both dai siu and tai sai stand for ‘big (or) small’. The game is simple and yet it is very hard to win considering that the outcome of the dice is unpredictable. That is why it remains challenging to a lot of players even if they had the best strategies that are known today.

Sic bo dates all the way back to the early Chinese dynasties. It has many variations, such as the tai sai, dai siu, big and small, and hi-lo. A lot of versions of this game soon reached different parts of the world and thus began the rampant success of sic bo. 

Sic bo reached the western shores in the 20th century, and it was soon adopted by a lot of casino owners. The game can be found in almost every casino in the United States and United Kingdom before the rise of online casinos. This just proves how much of a big casino title sic bo has been long before it made its way into the roster of online casino games.

The original concept of the game was carried on over the years and made it to the modern era of casino gaming.

Early beginnings

A lot of Chinese history books show that sic bo was one of the best pastime games for most karate and taekwondo fighters to have played. However, dice was yet to be invented during the ancient Chinese period, which meant that players used different objects on that end. These included shells, small animal bones, and rocks.

The initial idea for sic bo was to give Chinese fighters some activities to relax from their usual grind. However, the years went by and sic bo became a game for the elites, and it reached the masses and most people in China. Just like how Texas Hold’em became a big hit in the United States, sic bo took over as a game for everyone to play.

Popularity among many countries

Sic bo’s popularity led to the birth of many game variants over the years. For starters, Grand Hazard became known as an English variant of the game. This one is played with three dice and is either thrown in with a cup or rolled down from a chute with a series of inclined planes – known as the hazard chute.

Chuck-a-luck is the variant in the United States and is also known by a few names such as ‘sweat cloth’, ‘chuckerluck’ and ‘birdcage’. The dice in this game is kept in a device that is almost the same as a wire frame that pulls off a pivot just around the centre. Sic bo is also popular in Asia and is even known as dai siu in Macau. It also reached the Philippines and is played as hi-lo.

How to play online Sic Bo

Sic bo can be played on online gambling sites such as Gamdom. Evolution’s Super Sic Bo is the title offered in Gamdom along with a flurry of casino bonuses that can help you get a lot of winnings aside from the base prize.

Just like how sic bo works, Super Sic Bo on Gamdom gives you the feels of playing in a Bitcoin casino since this is a dice game that has been added with more features such as multipliers, more bonuses and so on. That is why Super Sic Bo can be a good game to play especially if you are looking for a fresh experience in your casino gaming.


All you need to do is to place your bets on one or more combos shown on the game’s betting table. You are predicting the outcome of the three rolled dice, and there is an extra excitement every round thanks to the multipliers and various bet spots. The number of bet types is made bigger to give players a chance to take home a huge amount of winnings.

The best addition in Super Sic Bo is the random multipliers, which have a chance of going up to 1000x your bet in every game round. This is attractive to a lot of bettors since it gives them more winnings. With the random high payout in play as well, there is a guarantee that you won’t finish your casino session empty handed.

Winning in online Sic Bo

Winning in Super Sic Bo is not that hard as long as you know how to manage your wagers. You can try to bet on smaller edges since the best edge in sic bo is set at 2.78% and can be found with the Small, Big and Combination bets.

You may also want to try combining bets to have four different chances of each spin. While you may lose up to four times, the winnings will make up for it. High roller bets can also yield bigger winnings by trying more wagers in just one spin of the dice.

Winning tips in online sic bo

Sic Bo is one of the games where you can enjoy trying a lot of different combos to maximise your winnings. The more you bet with risks, the bigger winnings you can get in the long run. That is why it is important to at least know how you can make the most of your wagers.

With a lot of bets and options to choose from, you have to be sure that you are making the right call. Here are the winning tips to consider in online sic bo:

Resist tempting bets

The first thing to consider in sic bo is not to get tempted in a lot of areas. You can make multiple bets at once but then most online casinos usually tend to give you a lot of betting options of up to 16 areas in one roll. The catch here is that all of these are risky since the number of bets will likely lead to more losses if they fail to win.

There is a chance that you can win with a lot of your bets, but the risk of losing is also there, which means there are times when you may get a lot of losing bets. This can be the same regarding the overall flow of the game since you can lose even with big or small bets.

Create variation in your bets

Variation is important for you to make the most of your wagers in sic bo. If you are playing on high stakes, especially if you are going for casino cryptocurrency bets, big and small areas are your best chance at winning if you want to take advantage of the small house edge.

Make sure to avoid the gambler’s fallacy at all times. This is a common myth in betting where players think that if something happens more often at some point, it will occur less frequently in the later rolls. Bet variation will always be a key when it comes to sic bo, and you should learn when to time for big or small area wagers.

Super Sic Bo is a game that you would not want to miss. This is a game that brings out the best of most bettors as the competitive play leads to huge rewards. That is why online sic bo is a must try if you are keen to have bragging rights over other players as well.

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