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How to play Monopoly Live on Gamdom

Live dealer games have received lots of attention from different bettors due to their highly engaging, interactive, and fun nature. You can enjoy your favourite casino games and win sizable prizes and payouts whilst enjoying an authentic experience. Besides the live variations of classic table games, online casinos offer different innovative and modernised games in the mix. Monopoly Live is one of them. 

Derived from the popular board game, Monopoly, this live online variant offers more exciting features. Played with a money wheel filled with fun surprises, bettors will have to anticipate the spot where it will stop at. Spun by the live dealer, Mr Monopoly can also give some hefty rewards and multipliers whenever the time is right. 

Bringing suspense and exciting new things to the table, the game developers, Evolution Gaming, take the live dealer genre to the next level. They did this by adding both live game action features as well as Augmented Reality (AR) that redefines how live games are to be played. Experience Monopoly Live at Gamdom, and enjoy an innovative and fun game of suspenseful gameplay by using casino cryptocurrency. 

Monopoly Live game features

Monopoly Live features a super-size wheel with 54 equally distributed segments. While the rest of the 48 segments are numbers that consist of one, two, five, and ten, its remaining segments are what set this game apart from other wheels of fortune games. These include two Chance segments, three 2 roll segments, and one 4 rolls that all vary in prizes. 

Introducing elements integrated from the original board game, Chance fields will have Mr Monopoly jump out of his seat and hand you either a cash prize or a multiplier bonus. On the other hand, the 2 rolls and 4 rolls segments will activate the AR Monopoly board where you will be given the chance to roll two dice for some extra rewards.

Place your bets

Betting on Monopoly Live is done between rounds. The live casino operator specifies the minimum and maximum bets, but they are very inclusive. In this game, the smallest bet you can place is €0.10, while the biggest bet depends on the casino you are playing at. There will be a total of 12 seconds allotted for betting.

Depending on the number you bet on, the payout ratios differ once hit. The different outcomes you can bet on are:

  • With a payout ratio of 1:1, there are a total of 22 ‘ones’ on the wheel.
  • When betting on ‘twos’, there will be a total of 15 of them on the wheel. Once hit, you will get a payout ratio of 2:1. 
  • Having less but a higher payout ratio, there are a total of seven ‘fives’ on the wheel that get you 5:1 once hit.
  • Paying out 10:1, ‘tens’ is the highest paying segment but has the least amount with only four on the wheel.
  • The 2 rolls bonus feature is divided into three segments.
  • This 4 rolls bonus feature is only available in one segment.

Spin the wheel

Once you have placed your bets, the live dealer will then spin the wheel. Once the wheel stops at your specified bet, you will receive back your initial bet and a specific amount depending on the multiplier you landed on. When it stops at a bonus, this will then become active. You will only get to enjoy the bonus if you placed a bet on it, otherwise, you will be spectating other players who did.

2 Rolls and 4 rolls

The renowned Mr Monopoly steps in activating a fun bonus game. When activated, it will seem like you are playing the traditional Monopoly board game. You will be given two dice to roll, and depending on what value you get, Mr Monopoly will act as your avatar and will walk towards the board and retrieve your corresponding price.

Chance field

On the other hand, when you land on the Chance segment, you will be rewarded with either a multiplayer bonus or a cash prize. If you receive the cash prize, the stake placed will return on top of existing wins. The multiplier, otherwise, will have you spin the wheel again, if it lands on the winning number, the multiplier will increase in size.

Cash out your winnings

Once you win, your winnings will instantly be added to your account. The next round begins right after. If you are still eager to win some more, the same betting rounds will be followed repeating the process until you desire. 

Use strategies to increase your odds at Monopoly Live

One thing you can do to increase your chances of winning at Monopoly Live is by using strategies. Although this won’t guarantee a win, you can influence the outcome of your games by applying them. Here are some you can try out on your first attempts at the game:

Bet on bonus features

When playing Monopoly Live, you can place several bets all at once. It would be ideal to always place a bet on bonus features. You would not want to miss out on potential winnings when the wheel lands on either the 2 rolls or 4 rolls.

Stop when on an unlucky streak

You can always come back to the game another day when you are having an unlucky streak or when your set budget is depleting fast. By knowing when to stop, you can avoid losing any more than you have already lost.

Why play Monopoly Live

There are tons of reasons to play Monopoly Live but on top of all of it, its innovative mechanics, engaging gameplay, and rewarding payouts entice bettors. Streamed from studios around Europe, they are equipped with great technology able to handle AR features and multiple inputs from the different players from around the world. 

The game also offers a live chat option that is particularly noteworthy. Players can communicate among themselves and with the dealer through it.

Last but not least, Monopoly Live, like all Evolution’s products, is licenced and regulated by three reputable gambling regulators: the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Maltese Gaming Authority.

Access the Monopoly Live on Gamdom

To start playing Monopoly Live on Gamdom, you will first have to access the site by searching Before you can access the game, you will have to make an account on the site. 

Once you’re done creating an account, check out the ‘slot / casino’ section by clicking on the tab located on the upper left of the screen. To quickly find the game, you can type ‘Monopoly Live’ on the search bar located in the middle right of the screen. Enter the game and start your betting journey. 

Play Monopoly ive on Gamdom

Monopoly Live is best enjoyed when played at Gamdom, a reliable bitcoin casino. Besides this amazing live dealer game, you can also enjoy other amazing features such as the Slots Battle and the site’s very own sports betting platform. Play using casino cryptocurrency and win big payouts at Monopoly Live.

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