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Fire at will: A punter’s guide to CS:GO betting

Betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games is a fun way to make sure that you can enjoy watching the intense games. Here at Gamdom, we give you the best chance of a lifetime in getting the best experience in placing wagers on your favourite teams and players as they go on the big stage in the Valve shooter.

This is why Gamdom gives you a helpful guide because learning more about the game can give you a headstart to a successful betting journey. Learning more about the game itself is a good start that can help you get a lot of wins in the long run.

CS:GO format

CS:GO plays a string of tournaments all season long. This lasts for almost a year, with at least three to four majors played in that span, which includes the likes of Intel Extreme Masters, MLG Majors, PGL Majors and many others. Competing teams will have to play online and offline games and local tourneys in order to gain points. Majors give a much more generous amount of points and can boost the rankings in a big way, which is why it is the most intense part of the season.

By the closing months of the season, CS:GO teams will now receive invites for the World Championship. The top two teams of each region are guaranteed a ticket to the said tournament while teams will be given a chance to win their way into the competition through qualifiers. The top teams are called legends, while the qualifier winners are labelled as challengers.. On top of that, winners of each Major are also ensured a slot in the final.

How do you bet on CS:GO games?

CS:GO pits two factions in combat, which are the Counter-Terrorists and the Terrorists. Both factions have their specific goals to achieve in order to win. They can wipe out the opposing team or meet certain map conditions to win a round.

For instance, the Counter-Terrorists are tasked with defending bomb sites on a given map, defusing them if one ever gets planted. On the other hand, the Terrorists need to detonate the bomb, and they will lose if it gets defused as well. Some maps require the CTs to rescue hostages or escort a VIP, while the Terrorists prevent them from doing both.

Knowing how the game works is a good idea to bet on CS:GO games, and here’s how you can make winning bets on CS:GO games:

Reading betting odds

Betting odds are never the same in a single game, and this all depends on the playing teams in a given match. It is important to note that these betting odds determine which squads are the favourites and underdogs in a single game, so it is best to always consider reading the betting odds at all times. 

A team that is set as the favourite has a minus (-) sign next to a number equal to the set odds for it to win. On the other hand, the underdog team that has the least chance to steal a win will have the plus (+) symbol along with the set odds. This should help you make a pick on which team you will place your wagers on as well.

Watching live games

CS:GO games are always thrilling to watch, and even those who bet on a Bitcoin casino take their time to watch the best matches unfold before they place their wagers. Not every game ends the same way, which is why it is a must to consider watching the games live and on demand. You’ll never know when an elite team forces extra maps or comes up with a comeback.

Even if the betting odds say that a team will win without much hassle, there is still a chance that the opposing side can turn the tables. On top of that, you can make some key bet decisions on the fly, allowing you to be more sure of your wagers compared to betting before the game.

Try the best betting markets in CS:GO

CS:GO has a lot of betting markets for you to choose from. These options allow you to make varying bets and all of them can be used depending on the situation in the game. That is why you should know how these markets work.

Here are the best betting markets you should try in betting on CS:GO games.

Match/round winner

Winner bets are the most common wagers you can make for a chance of an easy win. The market is simple, all you need to do is to pick a team that you think will win the match or round. The betting odds can be considered as your basis for this market since it does tell which team is more likely to win.

The score does not matter and there is no need for punters to figure out how the game will end or the number of kills and bombs detonated or defused. It is just a straight bet and it is one of the markets that are not risky to try but rewarding enough if you make the right call.


Handicaps is one of the most tricky betting markets since not all teams are at the same competitive level and some even end up being in the lower ranks of the league. This is why handicap bets work well to level the betting odds between two teams in a given game. This means that they both have fair chances of winning thanks to the handicap.

The underdog is given a head start in points to begin the game but will need to finish the match with more points than the set handicap. The favourites, on the other hand, will need to win the game less than the set point for them. Your bet will be a win if any of the handicap conditions are met and you placed your bet on it.

Game totals

Game totals work differently in most esports games. For CS:GO, the goal here is to guess the total of maps played, kills, assists, and so on. Players have to guess the right amount for both teams combined. This is an easy market to consider and can be rewarding when it comes to the overall winnings you can get.

What’s good about betting on game totals is that there is always a chance for you to try for the over/under bet as well. This is a good combo since you can score winnings with just an estimate. If you get lucky on the over/under bet, then there is a chance that you can win in the game totals as well.

Make the most of your CS:GO betting at Gamdom

Gamdom offers the best chance for punters to enjoy casino cryptocurrency on CS:GO games. Try the best betting options you can find on the site and experience the thrill of getting a win in your wagers. At Gamdom, you are the priority, and this is why there is a guarantee that you can enjoy big hopes of winning in CS:GO wagers.

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