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The best sports betting markets to bet on in Gamdom

Sports betting is a fun activity but a concept that some bettors fail to grasp is the markets. Across different sports, there are loads of betting markets that you should consider. When you log onto a betting platform, you will have to pick the betting type you want to be involved in but you should also look at the markets that you should bet on. 

You can choose from a lot of options as you look into different sports. Football is arguably the biggest sport in the world and there are many markets to bet on. You have to consider the number of rewards that you can win but you should also check out the knowledge you can use for these markets. Since you’re on Gamdom, you already have the option to bet with your casino cryptocurrency. 

Here are some of the sports betting markets that you should look out for if you want to earn rewards and succeed on a long-term basis.

Straight win

Across most sports, there is always a likely winner. Straight win betting is mostly self-explanatory because you have three options to choose from. You can bet on the home team to win or the away team. There is a third option for a draw when it comes to sports like football and ice hockey. 

It helps that this market is readily available across every sport because it deals with a simple win, loss, and draw scenario. However, the nuance behind this market is deeper than what most people think. Some people can use their gut feelings with this market but that is not a clear-cut strategy when it comes down the wire. 

In some sports, there are only two options because they want a definitive result by having an overtime period. This can be seen in basketball, tennis, and even American football. This is a simple market to understand but creating tactics for this market is challenging. You need to strategize better because you need to consider past results and the stats that come with these leagues. 

Both teams to score

As one of the most popular markets in football, it is obvious that this market is strong in football. While this market is non-existent in sports like basketball and volleyball because of the inevitability of the points to come in their games. Across the major sports leagues, there are tons of bookies and experts who give out stats that can help you here. 

At Gamdom, you have a lot of odds to check out which will be a great tool that you can use to win your bets. For example, you can look at a Premier League match and see a matchup between a team like Liverpool and Manchester United. If these two teams are playing against each other, you should expect an offensive masterclass from both teams because they have amazing players. 

As long as you can get the context behind the odds of the betting market, you will be in a good spot. You just have to stay updated with what’s going on in the matches so you can have an accurate bet the next time as well. Your bets will not win 100% of the time but you should always maximize your chances of winning rather than making random bets that do not pan out in the long term. 


There are a lot of bets that have to deal with the over/under. In basketball, you can have betting markets that deal with certain players’ stats. For example, if you are betting on Damian Lillard to score over/under 20 points in a game, you would most likely favour the over side because Dame is a well-known elite scorer. 

This betting market will favour the bettors who know more than the casuals because they are more engrossed in what’s happening in the league. For example, most people do not know how Anfernee Simons plays but when they see him in action, they will see that he has the potential to become an elite scorer just like his mentor. A surprise pick like that will be beneficial for the bettor because they will most likely go up against the odds and win the bet and the massive reward that comes with that. 

This market is not exclusive to basketball at all because you can also see this in sports like football, ice hockey, volleyball, and even tennis. They just have a different approach to it because they have varied contexts. Basketball has probably the easiest over/under market in the sports world because of the robust stats. 

Always remember that this does not just focus solely on points scored or goals scored but you can also look into assists, rebounds, tackles, and many more. This is a diverse market which is key to its popularity.

Handicap betting

With handicap betting, you will get a level playing field between underdogs and favourites. In the past, underdogs will always be much better for the punter if they win. If people bet on the favourite, there is a limited amount of rewards that they can win. With this market, you can expect that there will be a handicap for the favourite but there is also an incentive to bet on them because they can win solid rewards. 

There are a lot of pro bettors that love to use these handicap markets because they pay out higher on these bets. It is understandable why it worked out like that because many punters rely on favourites and underdogs and without batting an eye, they bet on the underdogs.

With this market, it is much more stable for betting on the favourite because they have to meet a certain standard rather than just getting the win or the over/under on the scoreline. These are just a few of the markets that you should look into. With many sports on a bitcoin casino like Gamdom, you should expect a bunch more markets and options to make wagers on. Hopefully, you won’t have to face loads of problems when you use your casino cryptocurrency to make your wagers. It will be challenging at first but when you get the hang of it, the markets will be easier.

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