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Test your luck and roll the dice on Gamdom’s roulette games

Online casinos offer a wide variety of exciting games to wager on. Although slot games make up the vast majority of a casino’s revenue, there are live dealer games that provide an authentic casino experience for players. When it comes to casino games, roulette is often ranked among the crowd’s favourites aside from slots

One of the reasons why roulette games are popular is because of their iconic wheels which have been a unique symbol of most casinos. Numerous enthusiasts enjoy trying their luck at this entertaining game because of its simple rules and the chance to win fantastic prizes with each turn of the wheel.

When you play at Gamdom, you can play the top roulette games that will suit your gaming preference. To ensure a worthwhile gaming experience, we partner up with cutting-edge casino game developers. 

Gamdom is also known as a reputable Bitcoin casino that offers casino cryptocurrency as one of the many payment methods available. With this, players can have secure and hassle-free online gaming. 

If you haven’t tried putting your luck to the test with Gamdom’s top roulette games, here are some facts you should know about the popular casino game:

Tips and tricks to win 

Although roulette is known as a popular game of luck and among the simplest casino games you can play at Gamdom, it’s still crucial to unleash your gaming skills to maximise your chances of winning. 

For more chances of winning the grand jackpot prize, here are some of the tips you should know:

Learn the different roulette variants

At Gamdom, you can find a variety of roulette games to bet on. Each variation has slightly different table arrangements and house edges. With a house edge of just 2.63%, for instance, European roulette offers players the best statistical return.

Opt for outside bets

Odd or even, red or black, a dozen bets, and column bets are all examples of group bets that can be made in roulette rather than on individual numbers. With these bets, the odds of winning are higher, but the payouts are lower. This is why it’s best to wager on outside bets if you’re simply playing for fun and don’t want to take too much of a risk. 

Inside bets are those placed within the interior of the table, and outer bets are those placed on the outside section of the table. You have a better chance of winning an outside bet, but the reward is lesser than it would be if you bet on an inside outcome. 

Outside bets, sometimes known as even-money bets, include the column bet and the dozen bet, among others. Betting on high or low, red or black, or odd or even are all examples of outside bets. 

Explore combination bets

Bets made on the inner part of the table, known as ‘inside bets’, have a smaller house edge. If you can’t resist them, a combination bet can be your best chance. This bet is made up of two, three, four, five, or six different numbers.

You can put a combination bet by betting on a group of lines that connect several numbers, such as a corner that touches four numbers. Combination bets have a higher initial outlay than single-number bets, but they have the potential to increase winnings over time.

Find out the payouts on your roulette bets

It’s essential to understand roulette odds before you start playing. Each bet will come with its own potential payout and odds of winning. Usually, outside bets will pay 1:1, while inside bets will pay anything from 6:1 up to 35:1. Knowing the odds before the wagering is key to success.

Explore Gamdom’s exciting roulette games

At Gamdom, we recognise the importance of providing our bettors with exclusive perks. While there are many roulette games to choose from, there are exclusive offers and bonuses for our players to have a worthwhile gaming experience. 

Players have the option of betting on any of the 15 numbers (1 to 14 and a single zero instead of the standard bets). With this, players can bet on red, which is 1 to 7. Meanwhile, green, which represents 0, or black, features 8 to 14. 

Unique types of roulette wheels you should play

Now that you have an idea about Gamdom’s original roulette games, let’s shed some light on the traditional roulette variations you can also find on our site. Since our game providers employ three distinct wheels in their many iterations, here are some variations you need to be familiar with:

  • European roulette  → The wide layout of European roulette features 37 numbered slots (1 through 36) plus a single zero. The single zero is in a green pocket while the others are in red and black pockets.
  • American roulette → The roulette wheel has 38 pockets (1 through 36, 0 and a double zero). The game is more exciting and difficult because of the double zero, which offers the casino a little edge over the players. The house edge on a single number bet in this version of the wheel is 5.26%.
  • French roulette → This version of the game’s wheel is the closest to Pascal’s original design. The numbers in French roulette are similarly divided into two groups, red and black. The game’s uniqueness stems from the fact that it employs not one but two distinct sets of rules.

‘En Prison’ → In English, this means ‘in prison’. If the ball lands on zero, players who placed even-money bets will receive a 50% refund of their wagers. Players might want to lock it up for an all-or-nothing shot.

‘La Partage’ →  This phrase literally translates to ‘the divide’. If the ball lands on zero, players who bet even money receive a 50% refund of their wager.

On a single number bet, the house edge is 2.70% in this version of the wheel. However, when one of these two rules is used, the house edge is reduced to 1.35%.

By getting to know how the different types of roulette games are played, you can increase your odds of winning. Also, whenever you play at Gamdom, don’t forget to take advantage of our casino bonuses to help you win more huge prizes. Since Gamdom is a top Bitcoin casino, you also have the freedom to use our casino cryptocurrency as your payment method for fast transactions. 

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