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Tips for an enjoyable esports betting experience

Esports betting has become the premier hobby among punters these recent years. With over thousands of daily bettors that visit different betting sites across the world, the industry’s success has only boomed more since then. Now that more people are getting into this activity, most of them are still getting a feel for the industry.

Getting into it as a beginner can become a little intimidating with all the numbers, terms and things you need to know. Although this may be the case, once you get the hang of it, everything will come naturally to you. 

You can start betting on your favourite teams and players on reputable bitcoin casino sites such as Gamdom. Additionally, you can enjoy a wide variety of casino and live games that use different payment methods such as casino cryptocurrency and the like. With this, here are some tips for an enjoyable esports betting experience:

Choosing the right betting platform

This is a crucial step you must take when starting your betting journey. A great one is simple but provides all the needed features for betting. These features could include effective interfaces, easy depositing, and many more. It allows you to instantaneously bet on your favourite teams and players.

A great sports betting platform should cover a variety of leagues, tournaments, and games that you can bet on. Lastly, the platform must also offer a plethora of betting markets you can wager on for more chances of winning. Gamdom is a prime example of a great site that allows you to do all of these in one space.

Setting a budget

Losing money is natural in betting and thousands of bettors experience the same. However, the greatest tip you will get from any professional bettor is to set a budget. This allows you to not lose your money all in one go.

It only becomes a problem when you start spending more than you have allotted. It is vital not to start using funds portioned for other important things such as your daily living expenses. Setting a budget will help with portioning and practising your self-control. Moreover, this not only applies to esports betting but all forms of gambling. 

Know the games you’re betting on

If you’re a professional punter, there’s a huge chance that you are already familiar with all the esports games available. Knowing about a particular game or two is a necessary step when you want to start betting on these. Though you could diversify your knowledge about the different games, all you need to know about are the basics and some general things about them. 

Take League of Legends for example, though the game has several terms and mechanics, all you need to know is how the game is played. This applies to every esports you may want to bet on.

Focus on one game 

Now that you are familiar with the different esports games you may want to bet on, it could be helpful if you specialise in just one. Focusing on a single game will restrict your betting chances but will also help you profit more from the chosen one. You’ll get more time to study all you need to know about the game, which could give you leverage over other punters. 

This also limits the amount of money you need to spend as you will be focusing on just one. This is a tip you need to try out when starting. But if you would like to go the other route of betting on other games, you are free to do this as well. 

Know the teams and players 

Now that you have a game you want to focus on, it is time to choose a team that will win you some money. Learn about them and how they’ve been performing to get a grasp of how they would do in future games. The information you will gain from doing so will become crucial in your decision-making on whether you want to bet on them or not. 

You can mainly learn about them through how they play in actual tournaments and games. Monitor them through a live streaming platform and bet on them instantaneously using your preferred casino cryptocurrency. 

Consider factors surrounding players and teams

Besides monitoring how these players are performing, you may also look at some underlying factors. These include their winning streaks, which players are absent, and more. As this part of the industry is well engaged in social media, you can easily track the players for more information. 

This could become crucial in maximising your chance of winning. These factors, even the smallest ones, can affect the outcome of your bets. 

Gamdom: The best esports betting platform 

Gamdom is a great Bitcoin casino site to start with when wanting to bet on sports and esports. Their betting platform was designed for the sports junkies that enjoy watching games and winning money simultaneously. They have a large pool of games that you have to check out. Some of the esports games they offer are the following:

  • Valorant
  • CSGO 
  • Warcraft III
  • League of Legends
  • DOTA 2
  • Rocket League
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Honour of Kings

Aside from esports, Gamdom also offers traditional sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis and many more. You can bet on games from the biggest sports leagues in the world with the likes of the English Premier League, National Basketball Association (NBA), and ATP Tour. 

If you aren’t in the mood to bet on sports, you can try some of their casino games sure to give you the best time. They have an amazing lineup of slot games and their very own Gamdom Originals you can have fun with to freshen your gambling experience. 

Bet on esports now 

Bet the best way possible by following our tips on esports betting. Choose a reputable bitcoin casino for safe and worthwhile online gaming and don’t forget to make use of casino cryptocurrency to ensure a smooth betting experience. 

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