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The top poker variants you should try

Many players enjoy playing online poker because it’s a simple, fun to play, and intellectually stimulating experience. In contrast to slot machines and the lottery, this game rewards players who use their natural skills. With online casinos, you can play online poker whenever you want in the comfort of your home.

When you play online poker on reputable sites like Gamdom, the chances of finding fun and exciting poker variants are high. You can also play various types of poker in Bitcoin casino. Another benefit of playing online poker is that you can use casino cryptocurrency coins that make your transactions a lot easier with little to no transaction fees. All you have to do is create an account, choose your preferred poker variant, play, and win a huge amount of payout. 

How to play online poker

Many notable poker players have accumulated enormous fortunes through poker, which combines several different elements to play. As a result, more and more people are interested in the game each year. The most popular and extensively played poker variation is Texas Hold’em. 

The objective in Texas Hold’em poker is to have a five-card hand with a higher value than the other players at your table. Any combination of the five shared ‘community’ cards and your two ‘hole’ cards can be used to make this hand. Having a better hand than the other players doesn’t imply you need a royal flush to win every game.

Here’s a step-by-step guide of the basic rules of how to play online poker:

  • Two cards are dealt face down to each player. These are your ‘hole’ cards.
  • At this point, you have the option to either continue playing or fold.
  • Three community cards are dealt face-up in the middle of the table once the betting is completed. This is called the ‘flip.’
  • The fourth community card is dealt face up in the next betting round. ‘Turn’ is used to describe this point in time.
  • A new round of betting begins, and then the last community card is dealt face up in the middle of it. This is known as the ‘river’.
  • The final bets have been placed. The pot is split equally among the remaining players, except for the one who has folded. Otherwise, a ‘showdown’ takes place where players disclose their cards.
  • The pot is awarded to the player with the best final five-card hand.

Terms you should know

Before we dive into the top variations of online poker, here are the basic terms you should know before you play the game:

  • Ante – This is the minimum amount you should bet before playing the game.
  • Blinds – The mandatory bets that are placed in the pot before the game starts are called ‘blinds.’ The number of blinds is commonly two, but it can also range from zero to three. 
  • Call – A ‘call’ signifies a player’s willingness to match another player’s stake after making a new wager.
  • Raise – This is the term used when a player wants to increase their bet.
  • Check – The player may ‘check’ if no new wagers have been made and they do not intend to raise.

Top variations of online poker

Aside from the most popular variant of poker that we all know as Texas Hold’em, there are a wide variety of different poker variations available to players to choose from.

Below are some of the most popular variations of poker that you can encounter when playing at online casinos:

Texas Hold’em

The most popular variation of poker is Texas Hold’em. Texas Hold’em is often the primary game in a poker room or website that provides the game with various tables and stakes for players to choose from.

No-Limit Texas Hold’em is probably the most well-known game among poker players, amateur and professional, who began playing in the early 2000s. To this day, it’s the most widely broadcast and most well-known type of poker, thanks to its straightforward hand rankings and simple rules.

Omaha Hi

The ‘hi’ in this game refers to the pot awarded to the player with the best hand when the cards are shown. A pot-limit version of Omaha Hi, known as Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO), is the most popular game form.

To summarise, the game is played similarly to Texas Hold’em, except that each player is dealt four hole cards rather than two. Players must use two of their four hole cards and three of the five community cards at showdown to construct the best 5-card hand. 

Making a good hand becomes considerably more manageable in this game since the number of 2-hole card combinations grows by six because players are handed extra cards at the beginning of each hand.

There are many similarities between this game and Texas Hold’em, making it easy to learn. PLO hands tend to be higher at showdown than in Texas Hold’em because it is easier to make a strong hand in PLO. 

2-7 Triple Draw

There will be no face-up or exposed cards in this exciting poker variation. Instead, each player is dealt a unique 5-card hand that no other players can see. Low-ball poker allows players three chances to build the best ‘low’ hand, rather than just one in this game variation.

Unlike other varieties of poker, straights and flushes do not count towards a low hand. Also, keep in mind that the odds of getting an ace in this game are always in your favour. Consequently, the best potential hand in this game is 7-5-4-3-2. 

5-Card Omaha

If you enjoy the thrill of making strong hands with ease in Omaha Hi, then you’ll love the action that 5-card Omaha provides. Instead of four hole cards, each player is dealt with five. To create the best hand, players must employ precisely two of their hole cards and three community cards. Since players are handed one additional hole card than in ordinary Omaha, they have more opportunities to make better hands.

Don’t miss out on these popular online poker variations and head to the best casino sites such as Bitcoin casino and Gamdom. Enjoy the games with less hassle when you use casino cryptocurrency coins as your payment method. 

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