Casino bonuses: The perks of playing at Gamdom

Nothing compares to the benefits of online casinos and sportsbooks. Far from what you expect, we are not just talking about convenience and advanced technologies. Since all players and bettors only have two major goals — to have fun and win big prizes — the premium quality of online gambling has become even better with casino bonuses. Here at Gamdom, there are seven exciting rewards that await you.

What casino bonuses are

While land-based casinos welcome their guests with comps like free meals and drinks, gambling sites come with casino bonuses. Instead of filling out your hunger and thirst, they boost your winning chances and secure your bankroll as you explore more games, betting markets and apply various strategies here at Gamdom.

7 awesome Gamdom rewards

Gamdom was initially a CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) gambling site. Since we are a team of young professionals dedicated to creating a safe, unique, and fun experience for the iGaming industry, we are proud to have become an online social casino and sportsbook. From offering the best deals on skins and loot boxes, our rewards today come in different shapes and sizes. They are perfect for players and bettors with various types of gaming preferences.

1. Rain Rewards
As we ensure that Gamdom is more than a conventional online gambling platform, we have come up with the most exciting and generous online casino bonus to date called Rain Rewards or Rainbot. As the name suggests, it showers players and bettors with lucrative rewards. It randomly appears every 8 to 12 minutes in the chat room and gives out free money to anyone eligible to claim it. However, that’s not all because the most fun part about it is that it comes in three different levels, which are as follows:

Rain/Snow — This gives you free coins that can be claimed without any wagering requirement. Once available, you have to click the ‘claim’ button to join and solve the Google reCAPTCHA. It is a security service that protects websites like Gamdom from spam bots. However, take note that the amount of money you can receive will depend on your Claim Level, the number of players and bettors eligible to claim the Rain/Snow, and the amount of the Rain/Snow.

Tsunami/Volcano/Avalanche — As this gives you a huge bonus amount of free money, claiming it takes a little more requirements. After clicking the ‘claim’ button and solving the Google reCAPTCHA, you must have a free claimable balance left and have wagered at least $16.66 in the last five hours before this rewards splashes/erupts/slides. Then, similar to the Rain/Snow, the amount of free money you can get will depend on your Claim Level.

Tornado/Blizzard — Lastly, our most profitable Rainbot comes with thicker and heavier rewards Its conditions are somewhat similar to Tsunami/Volcano/Avalanche. You must have a free claimable balance left and have wagered at least $6.66 in the last 12 hours before it appears for every one to four hours.

2. Daily rewards gamdom
There are always great features to look forward to here at Gamdom. Apart from the newly added slot games and betting markets, our team also loves giving daily rewards and hosting social media giveaways. Make sure that you have your account verified first before claiming them. If not, you can go to the Setting tab and confirm it using your phone number.

Gamdom’s daily rewards come into three progressive types: Silver, Gold, and Emerald. Here are their respective rewards and conditions:

Silver: Your hidden level will remain the same, so your reward will be your claim level * 4 / 1,500 dollars.

Gold: Your hidden level will decrease by 4, resulting in a reward worth your claim level * 7 / 1,500 dollars.

Emerald: Your hidden level will decrease by 10, which makes you receive a reward of claim level * 10 / 1,500 dollars.

3. Social media giveaways
Gamdom is pretty active on social media. In fact, one of our cool engagements is that we partner with YouTube content creators who have at least more than 4,000 subscribers and over 4,000 average views per video. However, if you are neither a content creator nor meet our requirements, you can find interest in joining our social media item giveaways. So, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and VK.
4. Instant Rakeback
Gambling is a straightforward concept. You place bets to play games, and you get prizes if you win. Since player experience is of the utmost importance at Gamdom, we offer instant rakeback. It gives you up to 13% rakeback while playing in real-time. Now, you can have the chance to explore our casino games, sports and esports betting markets without worrying about house edges.
5. Royal Family Membership
Gamdom values the time and money you spent to explore our casino games and betting markets. That is why we invite you to join our Royal Family Membership programme to receive exclusive assistance from our moderators and personalised rewards.

For the former, your Royal Assistant can answer your questions regarding our services, CS:GO betting, slot games, and other promotions. On the other hand, the latter comes in various types of bonuses, such as deposit, profit, cashback, match promo, and free spins. As you are treated as a true Royal here, you have the power to choose which among them you like the most. Just simply type in the reward code, and you can claim it right away!

Deposit bonus — Here at Gamdom, we want newly registered players to start with a great amount of money capital. So, we welcome you with the Welcome/Deposit bonus, where it matches your deposit up to a certain amount and percentage.

Free spins — The joys of slot games are the convenient and instant wins they bring. That said, what happens when you are low on coins to bet? This is where free spins enter. They are one of the most ingenious and prevalent slot features that increase your winning chances without risking your bankroll. After all, who wouldn’t like some free stuff, right?

Cashback — Casino losses are really off-putting, but Gamdom has an alternative solution to get you back on your A-game: the cashback bonus. It rewards you based on the total percentage of your losses. So, take your time, sit back, relax and enjoy Gamdom’s massive gambling library. It is filled with a plethora of table game variants, cutting-edge 3D video slots, profitable jackpot slots, and thrilling actions from sports and esports betting markets.

6. Chests of Gems
In addition to our Rainbot, another of our most sought-after rewards systems is the Chests of Gems. As the name suggests, these are free chests that randomly appear while playing at Gamdom. However, bear in mind that they are only given to users who have reached a certain level. Just like the personalised rewards of the Royal Family Membership, their contents can be free money, free spins, deposit, profit, or cashback bonuses.
7. Easy wager requirements
As you probably know by now, most of Gamdom’s rewards come with certain conditions before they can be claimed, such as Claim Level and wagering requirements. The latter is the amount of money or multiplier you need to meet before you withdraw the winnings from the bonuses.

Here at Gamdom, we guarantee that you won’t worry about the hassle of wagering requirements because we only have a few conditions that are actually easy to meet. Similar to the cashback bonus, we want you to enjoy your bets and winnings to their maximum potential. So, again, take all the time you need to choose whatever games you like to play and sports and esports betting markets you want to bet on.


4 ways to make the most out of Gamdom’s rewards

While Gamdom’s rewards and bonuses are not totally required, they complete your online gambling experience by boosting your winning chances and securing your bankroll. However, like playing games and betting on sports and esports, there are also various ways to make the most out of them. Here are some of the four effective suggestions to try at Gamdom.

Read the wagering requirements
As mentioned above, wagering requirements are attached to Gamdom’s rewards and bonuses. So, to avoid any confusion and surprise, we highly recommend that you always take the time to read our conditions first. In that way, you can assess whether or not you think you will benefit from them.
Don’t skip the welcome or match deposit bonus
Believe it or not, but most newly registered players disregard the welcome/sign up/deposit match bonus when they create accounts. If you haven’t signed up at Gamdom, don’t forget to take this offer, and soon you will notice how it will make a difference to your bankroll.
Stay tuned on Gamdom’s special offers and limited-time deals
From our seven awesome rewards above, you would know by now that Gamdom is really generous. We make sure that you will always have something to look forward to on our site due to our exclusive promos, random free money, and limited-time deals.

In fact, just to give you an idea of our limited-time deals, Gamdom had the ‘Refer and Earn’ system in March 2020. It is where you set your code and share it with friends to earn free coins together. Who knows, and our team might bring it back. The bottom line is always to stay tuned on our site and social media pages.

Use the right bonus for the right game/market at the right time
Rewards and bonuses may be available anytime at Gamdom, but not all players could receive them, especially if they haven’t met the specific Claim Level or wagering requirements. That is why we recommend you not to use up all of them. Instead, be practical and use them when you deem necessary.

Use Gamdom rewards on our four thrilling gaming categories

With Gamdom’s amazing rewards and bonuses, coupled with the four effective tips in using them, you are certainly ready to take home our big prizes. As your premier destination of casino games, sports and esports betting markets, we currently have four thrilling gaming categories that are 100% provably fair. Have a quick review below to see which among them meets your gaming preferences.

Gamdom originals
What makes Gamdom stand out from the rest in the market? Simple. We offer three in-house casino games collectively called Gamdom originals. These are Crash, Roulette, and HiLo.
Casino games
Here at Gamdom, we believe that the more is better. As a result, we have partnered with more than 30 different software providers, giving you the most exciting table games, well-designed slots, and immersive live dealer games. The most notable companies and their top-notch slot games are as follows:

Booming Games
Aztec Palace
Booming Circus
Book of Tombs
Cash Pig
Horror House

Blueprint Gaming
King Kong Cash
Roman Rise of an Empire
Fishin Frenzy Prize Lines
Wish Upon a Leprechaun Megaways
Eye of Horus Gambler

Play’n GO
Book of Dead
Leprechaun Goes Wild
Honey Rush
Merry Xmas
The Sword and the Grail

Lucky Reels
Butterfly Lovers
Infinity Hero
Larry the Leprechaun

Esports betting
Of course, out of all the gambling activities developed today, we ensure that Gamdom has a full coverage of esports betting markets. For a much more immersive experience, we have available live streams for some of the major esports tournaments on the following video games:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
League of Legends
Rocket League

Sports betting
As sports and esports go hand in hand in online betting, Gamdom also supports markets for football, tennis, basketball, and ice hockey. Plus, our reliable odds are as favourable as any other leading online sportsbooks.

Join Gamdom to claim rewards

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know Gamdom’s seven awesome rewards and four thrilling gaming categories, the only thing left is to join our fun and all-inclusive gaming community. Sign up on our homepage or contact our support team if you need any assistance. It is the first step towards claiming the best online casino bonus and enormous jackpot prizes.