Reach for higher wins with Gamdom’s Crash game

iGaming is an exciting ever-growing industry. It continuously brims with newly launched online casinos, sportsbooks, and software providers. While they are definitely great signs of global growth and revenue success, it’s also no secret that the challenge nowadays is finding and trusting the best platform. 

If, however, you are into casino games, esports and sports betting, or anything in between, then today’s your lucky day. On this page, get the chance to play and win great rewards from Gamdom’s Crash game. It is a relatively new and developing gambling game best known for its incredible simple gameplay and instant money-making nature.

Why play Crash at Gamdom

Before you play Crash online, allow us to share with you about Gamdom. Here are a few reasons why it is better and more fun to place bets and win games on this platform.

1. We are a diverse gambling website
If this is your first time at Gamdom, one fun fact you should know about us is that we started out as a CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) gambling website. Since our mission is to create a safe, unique, and fun experience for players, our team of young professionals worked hard to develop it into a mixture of a gaming themed gambling platform. Now, we have the six following thrilling gaming sections:

Slots and casino games
Sports betting
Esports betting
-Gamdom originals

2. We are a fun community
Here at Gamdom, player-experience is our utmost priority. While we already have grown into a diverse gambling platform, which leaves you with more options and limitless winning opportunities, our team is restless. We always look for several ways to catch up on the industry’s most in-demand games. As such, we make sure that the Gamdom community is heard and understood.

As can be seen on any Gamdom page, there is an available live chat room. It is one of our fun ways for you to engage with other players. You can ask questions about the hottest slot games, share your own betting/gaming experiences, or just simply converse with whatever topic is discussed. However, as we are a responsible gaming platform, there are rules for everyone to follow, where you will find them on our Help (FAQs) page.

Other features that will certainly have you hooked on Gamdom are the player tracker and leaderboard. While most gambling games are about luck and chances, playing at Gamdom is quite competitive. So, you can use the former to see how many players are currently out there, then the latter to check which among them are in the lead.

3. We use a provably fair system
Gamdom is a safe gambling platform. Legally speaking, it is authorised and regulated by the Government of Curaçao. Yet in terms of security, we use a uniquely designed provably fair system. It is a computer tool ensuring that all of our games are completely fair and random.

As of yet, Gamdom has generated a chain of 10 million SHA256 hashes for every game, where you can find them on the Provably Fair page. Meaning, our team can’t rig all of the games according to our edge. All of their future results have already been predefined and generally distributed by the math that supports the active cryptographic SHA256 function.

4. We love giveaways
Regardless of the choice of casino game, sports and esports bets, everyone at Gamdom certainly has the same two objectives: to have fun and win great rewards. Aside from our diverse list of options, our team loves to host regular giveaways.

So, make sure you have your social media accounts to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and VK. Even better, you can also stay tuned on our chat room because our moderators sometimes host Trivia that rewards free money.

Crash Gamdom

How to play Crash at Gamdom

Are you ready to soar greater heights and win awesome rewards? Let’s get your adventure started with the following guidelines on playing Crash at Gamdom.

As said before, Crash is an immersive and relatively straightforward casino game. You place a bet, watch the multiplier grow in the diagram, and cash out your winnings before the diagram automatically crashes on a specific point, hence the name. While the key to a bigger prize is reaching a higher multiplier, the challenge is knowing how to perfectly time the cash out before the game stops. In other words, it is one of the ultimate games of chance that tests your grit, patience, and consistency.


Multiplier is one of the most exciting and rewarding features of casino games, especially within slot games. As the term suggests, it multiplies your possible winnings by a predetermined figure. For example, if your bet is $1.25 and you were able to cash out at a multiplier of 589.05x, your reward will be $736. 

Crash odds 

Akin to other casino games, Crash follows the law of probability. It has a 50% chance of the multiplier being below 2x before it crashes, then 50% of it being higher than 2x, thus making it evidently fair. 

6 well-known Crash strategies

Crash’s outcomes may be purely based on luck and chances, but you can steer the winning chances to your edge using some of the well-known strategies. Here are a few examples you can try at Gamdom.

Auto cash out strategy
Apart from the leaderboard — which stimulates everyone’s excitement and competitiveness — another awesome feature of Crash is the auto-cashout feature. As the term implies, you don’t have to wait for the multiplier to increase in the diagram. Instead, you set a default amount and let the game do its job. One effective way to use it is to choose a lower value — 1.5x for example. It helps you win several times despite having lesser profits.
Martingale system
The Martingale system is, by far, the most effective betting strategy used in various kinds of gambling games. It is a progressive tactic with a simple yet quite risky principle, suggesting that you increase your bets after every loss. So, when the time comes and you finally win Crash, you will get your lost money back along with extra profit.

That said, keep in mind that you must accompany the Martingale system with the ‘stop loss’ policy. It is one of the most common tips in bankroll management, where you prevent yourself from spending too much in a single gambling round.

Fibonacci system
The Fibonnaci system is among the most popular negative progression betting formulas. It suggests that you increase your stakes after every losing wager. From its name, it is less aggressive than the Martingale system because it strictly follows the numbering sequence, which is the sum of the two previous numbers. It goes like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, and so on.
Anti-Martingale strategy
The Anti-Martingale strategy is used when you alternately win and lose consistently. It tells you to increase your stakes after every win and decrease it for every loss. Since Gamdom’s Crash is packed with automated features, you can set your preferred amount under the ‘on win’ and ‘on loss’ tabs.
Labouchère system
Also known as the ‘split Martingale’, the Labouchère system is one of the most commonly suggested tips for beginners. Instead of following a fixed pattern, you first determine an amount of how much you want to win. Then, you divide it into a series of smaller numbers, thus serving as your guide for your bets.
Utilise casino bonuses
Appearing under the forms of match deposits, free spins, and regular promotions, casino bonuses are among the gems of gambling sites. They help you explore more games and try more rounds at Gamdom without risking too much money. It’s a good thing you play Crash online at Gamdom because, as said before, we often host lucrative giveaways.
Bankroll management
A smart player is a responsible one. There is no doubt that Crash is purely based on luck, but you can prevent yourself from its extreme volatility from effectively managing your bankroll. It is the amount of money you use to play casino games and bet on sports markets, which is different from your winnings and bonuses.

Bankroll management is one effective way to gamble responsibly. Here are some of its three effective strategies:

Set a budget

Whatever gambling game you are playing, the golden rule is to never risk the money you know you can’t afford to lose. That is why before you log in at Gamdom, you must first ready a fixed amount of money to serve as your bankroll.

Keep track of your progress

There is nothing wrong with playing Crash and other Gamdom originals frequently. However, it is highly crucial that you keep track of your progress. It is another good thing that we have a ‘Crash History’ box that accounts you and other players’ betting history.

Do not chase your losses

This is where the ‘stop loss’ policy enters. The negative progression system may be helpful, but you must also learn when to actually stop. Chasing your losses like a sprint race brings a potential of emptying your funds before you know it.

Frequently asked questions on Crash

While we are also excited to see your attempts on Crash, discussed as follows are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that might be useful to your gameplay. 

What is Crash’s maximum bet or profit?
As of yet, Gamdom currently limits bets to $60,000. In addition, the game instinctively crashes when your profit is worth more than $120,000.
What would happen if I disconnect while playing Crash?
If you use the auto-cashout feature, your game will still work as fine even if you have an unexpected internet connectivity problem.
Does Crash lag often?
It is often on the players’ side when Crash lags, which could be explained due to the high latency on either the user or server. That is why our team highly suggests that you use the auto-cashout feature when you subsequently experience connectivity issues.

In addition, bear in mind that a problem like poor internet connection without clear evidence is NOT acceptable for Gamdom to give refunds. However, what we can suggest is that you send our support team a video that recorded the scenario, which includes your exact ‘Game ID’ (found in the history tab), time, and date.

What is Crash’s limited amount of winning?
This is the fun part of playing Crash at Gamdom. It doesn’t have a real limit! That said, take note that you will be instantly cashed out if you make more than $80 in one round.
What is the Crash Jackpot?
Everyone wants to win big rewards at Gamdom, but only the luckiest players can succeed in the most coveted progressive Crash Jackpot. Just like slot games and poker, a certain amount of players’ bets is pooled into the pot. If won, 100% of the Jackpot goes to the players who made profit during that round, where they will split it in certain percentages based on their total profits. Refer to the example below:

Say that the Jackpot pot is worth 10,000,000 and players in that round made a total profit of 500,000. You will then get 20 coins for every 1 coin of profit you made.

What is the difference between Crash Jackpot, Roulette Jackpot, and HiLo Jackpot?
Play Crash online isn’t the only unique game on this site. Other Gamdom originals are Roulette, Tradeup, and HiLo, where they also have the same progressive Jackpot features. Their two major differences are the following:

1. Only 80% of Roulette and HiLo’s Jackpot pots are shared between the winning players because the remaining 20% will go to those who lost in that round.

2. They vary in different max bet/profit, which are as follows:

Roulette’s green, red and black: $4,000,000
-Red/black, 2 to 9, and KA: $3,750,000
-JQKA: $2,000,000
-A: $1,000,000
-Joker: ​​$5,000