Spinning roulette wheels with Gamdom

There are lots of amazing games that people love to play in online casinos. Aside from slots which are the most abundant choice, other games are facilitated by real dealers to resemble the feels inside the brick and mortar setting. One of the most popular game choices of players is roulette. 

Roulette’s iconic wheel is known as a symbol unique to casinos. With its fun and easy gameplay, countless fans love testing their luck in this exciting game that allows them to win amazing prizes upon every spin of the wheel. 

Here at Gamdom, we make sure that you can enjoy the online casino roulette of your choice! By working with several game providers, we made sure that all of our amazing players can experience playing roulette anytime and anywhere. So, if you haven’t tried playing any roulette games before, here are some facts you may wish to know about the game so you won’t miss out on the fun! 

Roulette history 

Before we dig deeper into the concepts of roulette, let us first know how it started. The game was created by popular French inventor, physicist, and mathematician Blaise Pascal in 1655. Originally, it wasn’t his intention to make a game of chance. Rather, his goal was to create a perpetual motion machine, a device that would run without any external force.

Although the machine had not been successful, the wheel somehow turned into a game of odds. It remained that way until a single zero was added in 1842 by Francois and Louis Blanc for King Charles III of Monaco. This was done to give the house a better edge. From there, the roulette game grew more popular as it evolved. 

A few years later, the popularity of the game reached the United States. There, American roulette was born. The game has 38 pockets in total with a double zero. Their version also gives the house a better edge. 

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How to play the game

Although several roulette types were introduced, the objective of the game remains the same. To play the game, players would have to place their bets first. When the ball is already rolled by the croupier, he/she will then announce that betting is closed. 

After that, everyone will patiently watch how the ball rolls around the wheel until it settles in one pocket. Those who made the right bets will win the corresponding prizes. 

Gamdom’s roulette

Here at Gamdom, we make sure that we offer special rewards for our Canadian players. Although there are a lot of roulette games you will see on our site, we also made sure to offer exclusive deals. With that, here are a few things about our version of roulette, as seen in our Gamdom Originals. 

Our roulette follows the same gameplay but we don’t use a traditional wheel. To make it different, we stretched out the numbers and allowed an arrow to point a number rather than roll a ball. The winning number is where the arrow stops when our modified roulette stops moving. 

Instead of placing the traditional bets, players are given the choice to make bets on the 15 numbers (1 to 14 and a single zero). Here, players can either bet on red which features the numbers 1 to 7, on the green which is the zero, or on black which features the numbers 8 to 14. 

Here, we also give you the option to vary the amount of bets you wish to place. You may also activate our autoplay mode by setting your conditions. 

Different roulette wheels

Now that you know about our original Gamdom roulette, let us go back to learning more about the traditional roulette wheels you can find. Given that there are three different wheels used in the different versions used by our game providers, here is a closer look at each of them.

European roulette
The traditional European roulette has a wide layout that contains 37 pockets, numbered from 1 to 36 and a single zero. The single zero is always marked in green and the other numbers are either red or black. The ones marked in red are the odd numbers from 1 to 10 and 19 to 28, odd and even numbers are marked red and black respectively. Numbers 11 to 18 and 29 to 36, the pockets are coloured vice versa (odd is black, even is red)

In this version of the wheel, the house edge on a single number bet is 2.70%.

American roulette
Another variant of the roulette wheel is the American roulette. Given the fact that this was modified by the Americans, this version is the one you’ll usually find in Las Vegas casinos. This follows the same table layout of the European roulette but it differs slightly as it offers the possibility of placing a double zero bet.

There are 38 numbers on the wheel – numbers 1 to 36, a single zero, and a double zero (00). The inclusion of the double zero made the game more interesting and challenging as it gives the house a slightly better advantage than the players.

In this wheel variant, the house edge on a single number bet is 5.26%.

French roulette
This type of roulette wheel is the one that most resembles the original wheel Pascal created. Here, the numbers are also categorized by red or black. Aside from that, it also has a different table layout compared to the two aforementioned roulette wheels. To make it even more unique, the game follows two different rules that are exclusive to it.

‘En Prison’ – This means ‘in prison’ in English. With this rule, players who made an even-money bet can take half of their bet back if the ball lands on zero. Depending on their playing style, they may also wish to have it imprisoned for an all or nothing chance.

‘La Partage’ – This means ‘the divide’ in English. With this rule, players who made even-money bets can take back half of their money if the ball lands on zero.

In this wheel variant, the house edge on a single number bet is 2.70%. However, when one of the two rules were applied, the house edge drops to 1.35%.

Roulette bets 

Regardless of what roulette game you wish to play, the type of bets you can place are somehow similar to one another. By knowing these, you can vary your gaming experience by placing different types of bets. This also allows you to have better chances of winning. 

If you aren’t familiar with the roulette bets you can place, here are some of those.

Inside bets
Inside bets are harder to win since they pertain to the more specific results of the game. Winning these will give you bigger payouts since they are harder to guess. With that, here are the inside bets you can place.

Straight up
Placing this bet means that you are betting on one specific number. To place this bet, you must place your chip or click on top of the number you have chosen. This gives out a 35-1 payout.

Placing this type of bet means that you are betting on two numbers. To place this bet, your chip must be placed on the line between the two numbers you are betting on. This has a 17-1 payout.

Placing a street bet means that you are betting for three numbers that are on the same row of the table. To place this bet, your chip must be placed in the leftmost line of the row or ‘street’ you wish to bet on. This has an 11-1 payout.

Placing a square or corner bet is to bet on four numbers. To place this bet, the chip must be placed on the corner of the four numbers you are betting on. This follows an 8-1 payout.

Six line
A six-line bet means that you are placing a bet on two streets that contain six numbers. To place this bet, the chip must be placed on the shared line of the corner of the two streets you are betting on. This has a 5-1 payout.

Outside bets
Contrary to the aforementioned, outside bets are the bets that’ll make you win easily. These bets allow you to bet on the more generic outcome of the game. Given that they are easier to guess, this type of bet has smaller payouts. With that, here are the outside bets you can place.

1 to 18 or 19 to 36
Placing this bet means that you are assuming that the ball will stop somewhere between 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.

Red or black
With this type of bet, you will have to guess if the ball will land on a red or black pocket.

Even or odd
This type of bet allows you to guess if the ball where the ball will land on is an even or odd number.

Dozen bets
There are three options in this bet. Here, you will have to bet where you think which dozen the lucky number will fall under. This may either be between 1 to 12, 13 to 24, or 25 to 36.

Column bets
There are three columns that are on the board. By placing this bet, you can guess which column the lucky number will be in.

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Tips to help you win your roulette games at Gamdom

Now that you know more about the different wheel types and the bets you can make, you will already find the game easier to play. Many players are thrilled to play the game as no one truly knows how each game will end. Still, you can apply some tips to help you with your upcoming games. Here are some of those:

Know the game
There are several roulette games you’ll find here in Gamdom. Although the wheels may be quite similar to one another, you must first make sure that you have truly understood your chosen game. This also includes knowing the bets that you can place and the odds that determine how much is in store for you.

Knowing the game also extends to understanding the twists added by the providers we work with.

Observe the trend
Roulette is a game of chance that can never be predicted. However, a lot of experienced players share that it is ideal to observe if there are recurring patterns in the game. For example, a continuous streak on red may make you want to bet on it too until the streak breaks. Although this is not a proven strategy that can help you win, you may wish to give it a try.
Start with small bets
Every player wants to win big. You may place bigger bets to earn bigger prizes. As much as this might sound good, it is actually not a practical thing to do when you’re just starting. If you want, you may start with small bets and gradually increase them if you feel like your luck is doing good.
Manage your bankroll
It is important that you set a playing budget for yourself and that you stick with it. Playing roulette is fun but you must ensure that you won’t spend an amount that you are more than willing to lose. Aside from that, you should never chase your losses as well. By doing this, you will be a responsible player.
Have fun!
This is the most important tip that will help you have a worthwhile playing experience with your chosen roulette games. Given the fact that roulette is a game of chance and no one knows who will win, you should open your mind to the possibility of losing too. By being a sport and accepting the fact that not all rounds will be in your favour, it is highly important that you just enjoy every moment of the game.

These are just some facts that we think you should know when playing the online casino roulette game of your choice. So, if you are looking forward to knowing what’s in store for you here in Gamdom, feel free to scroll through all our available roulette games!